State Says a Miami Plastic Surgery Center with Numerous Violations Blocked Inspectors

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, January 7, 2022

West Miami-Dade plastic surgery center with a Brazilian butt lift death in its past allowed unlicensed physicians to perform surgeries in 2020 and didn’t let state inspectors into the facility in 2021, the state said.
Previous Miami Herald stories documented Gia Romualdo-Rodriguez’s 2019 death after a BBL surgery by Dr. Stephanie Stover at Xiluet Plastic Surgery. The alleged 2020 violations and inspector-blocking in 2021 are in administrative complaints filed Dec. 10 by the Florida Department of Health. 

Administrative complaints start a discipline process that can end with anything from a dismissal to a fine to a loss of license. Xiluet has been licensed as an office surgery center since August 2017, two months after president Monica Vazquez registered the corporation with the state of Florida.
On Xiluet Plastic Surgery’s online profile, its license for office surgery still reads “clear.”

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