Stem Cells in Dermatology and Skin Anti-Aging

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, July 2, 2018

Since the discovery of multipotent stem cells by Till and McCulloch in 19611,2, further elucidation of stem cells’ functions have been identified as both facilitating development of new cells and maintaining homeostasis of current normal cells. The activity of stem cells is stimulated by the start of tissue dysfunction. During aging, DNA accumulates damage, impairing protein homeostasis, cell function, and communication as well as normal organ physiology3. Another key hallmark to aging is the exhaustion of the endogenous stem cell population, which aids in maintaining tissue homeostasis and repair of injured tissues. Since aging is so intimately tied to stem cell integrity, one of the major goals of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine is how one can use these cells to reverse aging and the associated dysfunctions that comes with it.
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