Symplast Offers Relief to Users During COVID-19 Crisis by Waiving teleHEALTH Fees for First 60 Days

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, March 23, 2020

Symplast, an EHR/Practice Management software for plastic surgery and medical spas that delivers a HIPAA-secure cloud platform to more than 3,500 aesthetic users across the U.S., has responded to the need for virtual telemedicine that the COVID-19 pandemic has created by offering its teleHEALTH by Symplast suite to all plastic surgery practices and medical spas and waiving all fees for the first two months. There are no upfront charges or setup fees. Users will only be billed if they decide to continue to use the platform after their first 60 days usage, and can cancel at any time before or after the 60 days.

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