Vax Parties' Offer Convenience, Education and Support to Unvaccinated People

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, August 6, 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week that the country is in a predicament fueled by unvaccinated Americans and the Delta variant.

Dr. Tiffany McCalla, owner of Calla Genics Med Spa in Wellington, is a medical doctor juggling multiple missions.

"I'm all about health and wellness -- helping people is just a part of my life," McCalla said. "Not everything is on the outside, some things are on the inside. We address mental health, offer body contouring services, nutrition services, hair removal and sexual wellness."

McCalla is also president of the T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society, a group of Black medical professionals working hard to get people of color vaccinated.

"The mask alone isn't enough," McCalla said.

Armed with both the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations, educational material, food and drink, Calla Genics hosts "vax parties" across South Florida.

Calla Genic co-owner Alan Bottorff, MBA, ACHE calls the "vax parties" moments of victories amid a backdrop of uncertainty and consequences.

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