Video Game has Kids Book in for Lip Fillers and Plastic Surgery

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, May 12, 2022

A free online kids’ game allows girls to book into a fantasy surgery to request lip fillers.

Youngsters are asked to help cartoon girl Goldie decide if she should get enhancement injections.

Before that, they must remove hair from her upper lip and add lip gloss before measuring her face and drawing on it where surgery should take place.

The main image advertising the online medical simulation game shows a teenage girl having her plumped lips injected with a needle as her eyes water.

Expert Mandie Dransfield, of MD Medical Aesthetics, said: “This game is very disturbing and wholly inappropriate.

“Children are being increasingly exposed to damaging body image because of TV and social media but this game could lead to a child seeking out something they had no idea existed before they clicked the ‘Play’ button.”

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