VIRGINIA Bill for Dental Botox Heads to Governor

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Friday, February 24, 2023

Bill Name: Senate Bill 1539 (SB 1539)

Primary Sponsor: Senator Todd Pillion

Status: 2/21/2023 Passed House

AmSpa’s Take: Many states permit licensed dentists to perform both cosmetic and therapeutic Botox injections. Frequently, these are only covered in board opinions and not as official rules or laws. Having clear and official rules makes compliance substantially easier.

Outlook: This bill passed both Senate and House quickly and without change from its initial language.

Analysis: SB 1539 has passed both the House and Senate. Its next stop will be the governor’s desk, where it will either be signed into law or vetoed. If signed, SB 1539 will add a new section to the Dental Practice Act that explicitly allows dentists to use botulinum toxin in their practices. Currently, the Virginia Board of Dentistry only allows those registered as oral and maxillofacial surgeons to become certified in providing cosmetic injections. Under SB 1539, licensed dentists would be able to use injectable toxins for cosmetic purposes if they complete a board-approved training and education course. SB 1539 also requires that the dental board consult with the Board of Medicine when adopting additional regulations and training requirements for cosmetic injections. It is important to note that this bill only authorizes botulinum toxin injections and does not cover dermal fillers.

Many states include Botox injections in dentists’ scope of practice. Frequently, these are based only on board interpretation, so they could potentially be “removed” at any time. SB 1539 would officially add toxin injections to the dental scope of practice and so would be much more permanent. If you would like additional information, to read the language of the bill or to contact the sponsors or committee, you can find the information you need through this link.