AmSpa Releases Forms and Consents for Medical Spas

Posted By Mike Meyer, Thursday, September 17, 2020

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The American Medical Spa Association (AmSpa) has announced the release of a comprehensive new package of forms and consents designed to help medical aesthetic practices prepare for any eventuality and create a culture of safety and compliance.

"We're so excited to offer a full package of compliance documents to the industry," says AmSpa CEO, Alex R. Thiersch, JD. "We have been working on these documents in conjunction with several of our physician members, as well as our attorney partners at ByrdAdatto. Our goal is to help encourage the industry to become and remain safe and compliant, and this package goes a long way toward accomplishing that. As we say at AmSpa, 'compliance is cool,' but in order to be compliant, practitioners need access to high-quality, affordable resources that they can use in their practices right away. AmSpa's Forms and Consents Package aims to do precisely that."

Although these forms are very thorough, they must be used only after consulting with both a qualified health care attorney and the practice's medical director. Every practice and every location are different, so there cannot be a "one size fits all" approach to compliance.

The following packages are now available from AmSpa's store:

  • AmSpa Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): This package contains protocols for 23 of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments, including body contouring, injectables, hormone replacement therapy, vaginal rejuvenation and many more.
  • Informed Consents: These 15 consent forms provide patients with all the information they need to make informed decisions about the treatments a medical spa provides. They offer the peace of mind medical spa owners and operators need to operate in a compliant manner.
  • Intake Forms: These 11 intake forms help put medical spas on solid legal ground when they'e been completed by patients. This package includes consents to treatment, photography and telemedicine (including a COVID-19-related variant), as well as release and disclosure forms, contact forms, privacy notices and much more.
  • OSHA Forms: Now more than ever before, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance is incredibly important for medical spas and medical aesthetic practices. The 11 forms included in this package will help maintain employee safety and catalog the incidents that inevitably occur at a medical aesthetic practice. It includes a laser inspection form, a bloodborne pathogen exposure plan and quiz, an incident and investigation report, a sharps injury log, and much more.
  • Plans: Keep a medical aesthetic practice safe and secure by adhering to the guidelines set forth in these plans. These three documents will teach medical spa owners and operators how to properly clean and disinfect their practices—which is especially useful in the era of COVID-19—as well as maintain patient and staff health and safety in a variety of situations.
  • Policies: The 16 policies included in this package will help your medical aesthetic practice operate safely and legally by providing guidelines for numerous topics, including patient privacy, employee hygiene, laser operation, medication handling and storage, and many more. Prepared by the experienced health care attorneys of ByrdAdatto, these policies offer safe general courses of action for medical spas throughout the country.
  • The Complete Package: This package includes all the above forms. Created and reviewed by ByrdAdatto attorneys, these forms help provide security for practices and patients, offer training information for employees, and include operations information that will help medical aesthetic practices run safely, day in and day out.

These packages can be purchased from the AmSpa store.

"We believe that being compliant should not be cost-prohibitive, and we have worked hard to ensure that our members and partners have easy and affordable access to resources that help them operate safely and compliantly," says Thiersch.

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