Interior Design Profit-generating Formula: Maximize Space, Maximize Profit

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Thursday, February 10, 2022

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Deciding to build or renovate your medical spa is a big deal and, truth be told, can be quite overwhelming. It is a commitment on your part to devote time, money and energy to see the project through. Just as patients feel some anxiety going through a medical appointment, practitioners may have hesitation in undertaking such an enormous project. The process is long and tedious, but if you start right and get the right team on board, the rewards are going to transform your life, exceed your patient's expectations and deliver a world-class practice.

Reasons Why Medical Practitioners Hesitate to Be World-class

Many of the reasons one hesitates to try something new are common and largely boil down to a fear of the unknown, uncommon or unusual. "It's too expensive," and, "It's too complicated" are common reactions without really getting in at least a conversation on thinking about the bigger picture. "I'e never done this," is also a reaction to cite their inexperience about building. After managing to scare themselves into what-ifs, they will convince themselves that they're too busy and eventually not even try at all. All this hesitation simply sets the wrong tone for the process. Building a world-class medical spa is a hopeful exercise, to look forward to a bigger, better, more efficient medical space.

An effective way to work through the hesitation is to reframe the conversation with a clear and desirable end goal in mind. Frame it in such a way where you set tangible goals that you can work toward. Do you want to achieve a comfortable interior environment for you and your patients? Do you want to maximize your profitability? Setting out these objectives and stating them out loud makes them more concrete in your mind. In the interest of clear goal-setting, say how much more profitable you want your practice to be. Clear strategies will achieve clear goals. Be specific—it will be very helpful in your journey.

Doing Renovations, the World-class Way

If you do decide to make the leap, it is very important to get the right people on board. People you trust and whose work speaks for itself help guarantee that the building process is going to be delivered on time, on budget and to specifications. The best way to get over the initial hesitation is to make the project as thoroughly planned as possible. If a renovation project is done right, you will end up saving a lot of time, money and energy. Renovations are largely a long series of related processes, so staying the course with as few interruptions and mistakes as possible means you do not delay your ROI and you don't have to settle for a space that doesn't match your expectations.

Success Formula for Growth

Success has a formula. For profitability, it is best to allocate 60 – 70% of the space to revenue-generating areas, including treatment rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms, the private check-out, the consultation room, and retail displays. The other 30% can then be assigned for non-revenue areas such as offices and circulation routes. Hitting these percentages will allow you to have a high revenue per square foot and identify how your spaces are arranged and sized. Further to this formula is planning for growth—having too large or too little space is equally problematic for the profitability of the practice. You do not want to outgrow your space too early so that you miss out on potential growth.

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