The Blinskis: Three Generations of Experience

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Monday, May 23, 2022

Blinski family photographs

By Michael Meyer, Content Manager, American Med Spa Association (AmSpa)

A supportive family unit makes life easier in a great many ways, including when it comes time for a person to choose their direction in life. A person who has been exposed to a profession they find exciting at an early age can make what they enjoy about that profession a fundamental part of their career. Just ask Alexander L. Blinski, MD, a third-generation doctor and second-generation medical aesthetics provider who co-owns Plump, a New York-based
injectables practice.

"In my lineage, there are a lot of doctors, and it wasn't pushed on me, but it was always kind of ingrained or instilled in me to be in the medical field," Alexander says. "My grandfather on my dad's side was a pediatrician, my grandfather on the other side was a podiatrist, I have an uncle who's a podiatrist, and my father is a plastic surgeon, so there's a lot of doctor talk around all the time."
Being around his father, Darryl Blinski, MD, and his practice helped influence Alex Blinski to explore the world of medical aesthetics. He was intrigued by what he found.

"Being involved with a father who was—and is—a plastic surgeon plays a role, because you're around it all the time, you see it, and you're talking about it," Alexander says. "You'd be at the office, and you'd see things. And, growing up in Miami in the nineties, it was a very modern, aesthetically driven society. There were a lot of different pieces put together with a medical component and an aesthetic component of medicine, and I think coming from a city that is very beauty-focused, back then and even more now, made a difference."

Alexander has made his mark in medical aesthetics with Plump, and he has become a highly sought-after trainer and thought leader. He views medical aesthetics as a profession that is uplifting for all involved, and he gets excited when it gives him the opportunity to improve his patients' self-esteem and outlook.

"Sometimes you do a procedure that you know is going to just kick ass, and it's fun to get up for that," he says. "I do like that about the aesthetic world—really changing someone's life who didn't know it could be changed that quickly and that easily and that effectively. So, I like that about it. I also obviously like the lifestyle. I like coming to an office that is not like a regular doctor's office that's kind of gross and sterile. I like going somewhere where it's fun and people are coming to see you that are healthy, typically, and expecting to leave healthy and looking better."

Through it all, Alexander has had his family there to support him, and he knows he can reach out to them any time for advice and support.

"It's so unique to have family in medicine in general, and then to have family in aesthetic medicine is extra unique," he says. "It's like having a friend to call on if there's a problem or question or, how we say in medicine, a roadside consult. It's great to have that relationship. There's nothing like family, and being able to call on that is the best." Alexander also understands that he is very lucky in this regard, and he feels that the open community in medical aesthetics can help others set up systems that provide the same type of support and

"You can create your own family in medical aesthetics," he says. "There's a huge network of
injectors, and there's a great team of people who also just want to help other people. Everyone in medicine likes to help people, whether it's helping someone feel better about themselves or look better or cure their cancer, people in this field just like to help people. And I think either you have that, naturally, or you build it over the years."

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