A New Start-up Wants You to Inject Your Own Neurotoxin

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, April 15, 2021

The pandemic provided the ultimate opportunity for companies and individuals to prove just how resilient, nimble and creative they could be in a sink-or-swim situation. Clothing brands immediately produced masks in their best-selling dress prints, New York bars started selling $1 slices of bread, to get around Gov. Cuomo’s food-purchase mandate, and one enterprising Illinois family decided to launch a DIY neurotoxin injection service—presumably, to cash in on the fact that we were all stuck at home, obsessing over our faces on Zoom.
The company, which gives consumers with zero medical training the tools to self-inject neurotoxin, is called Mirror Care. (Somewhere, a Black Mirror writer is kicking themself for not coming up with this episode.) The medical and legal experts we spoke with describe it as dangerous, crazy, obscene, shady as hell, completely unethical and downright mind-bending, but Mirror Care’s president and co-founder, Stanley Kovak, doesn’t see it that way.
“There has been backlash from the medical community, but we believe those concerns center around patient welfare, and we have the same concerns,” says Kovak. “There’s no question that this is innovative, but that doesn’t mean it’s unethical or dangerous.” Let’s dive in.
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