Aesthetics Biomedical Announces Results of Study of SoME Skincare and PRP

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, February 25, 2021

Aesthetics Biomedical Inc., a regenerative aesthetics medical device and topical skin care company, has announced additional scientific findings for its patented skin care product, SoME Skincare, that confirm earlier findings (J Drugs & Dermatology Vol 19, Issue 12, Dec 2020). SoME Skincare utilizes personalized autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) in a topical skin care product for 90 days of home use. An earlier controlled, double-blinded, eight-week study demonstrated, tolerability and efficacy of the topical product for facial rejuvenation (J Cosmetic Dermatol Vol 18, Issue 5, 2019). The earlier data reported that the patented cosmetic base, when combined with autologous PRP, demonstrated increased efficacy with continued twice per day use. Dermatologist evaluation identified visible clinical improvement for signs of facial aging at four weeks, with enhanced performance observed at eight weeks (e.g. luminosity, radiance, smoothness, reduction in redness and skin lightening) vs. the control base alone. Biopsies revealed enhanced collagen and elastin expression, including up-regulation of the type 1 collagen gene observed with the SoME Skincare base + PRP vs. the SoME® Skincare base alone.
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