L Catterton-owned Medical Spa Ideal Image Ramps Up Expansion

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 26, 2021

As the medical aesthetic market slowly rebounds, L Catterton-backed medical spa Ideal Image plans to aggressively expand its geographical presence to scoop up market share.
L Catterton acquired the 18-year-old company in 2015 when the private equity firm bought multi-brand Steiner Leisure company. Ideal Image has been on a path of brand transformation for the last three years, where it has expanded its service offerings, lowered prices and is now leaning into market expansion. It currently has 150 locations across the U.S., with concentrations in Texas, Florida and Colorado. It plans to add 15 locations in 13 new markets in 2021 such as San Diego, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C.
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