AmSpa Is Hiring!

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 28, 2020

The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) is hiring! Two jobs have been posted: Member Sales Specialist and Training Coordinator.
Candidates must have excellent sales and customer service skills; they must be outgoing, engaging and highly organized, and excel at onboarding people to become members of AmSpa and renew their past memberships. It is critical that this position is a people-person, and enjoys giving AmSpa members and prospects the best possible experience with the organization. Candidates must also have strong research abilities to prospect and locate non-members for onboarding, and work to help existing members engage in other AmSpa products, including events and store products. This position will also be responsible for working at the AmSpa booth during trade shows and other events to sell AmSpa products. This position will work closely with the Member Coordinator to ensure AmSpa members are experiencing the highest quality of service. Moderate domestic travel is required and a goal-based bonus structure will apply to the overall salary of this position. Click here to learn more and apply.
The American Med Spa Association is currently looking for a Training Coordinator to work within AmSpa's Content department. The Training Coordinator will be responsible for organizing and coordinating agendas for AmSpa’s events, including its eight regional boot camps, its national trade show, Medical Spa Show, an annual event that takes place in Las Vegas in January, and other digital and in-person events hosted by AmSpa; as well as coordinating all online webinar offerings and AmSpa's Medical Spa Insider podcast schedule. The position will also manage both logistics and agendas for AmSpa’s onsite training center in Chicago.
For AmSpa’s events, webinars and training center classes, the Training Coordinator will work with the CEO and COO in developing in-demand agenda topics and contracting with industry-leading speakers; collecting materials and PowerPoints in a timely manner; working with CME accreditors and AmSpa vendors; working hand-in-hand with AmSpa’s Events, Marketing and Membership departments; and other duties as needed.
This position will also grow AmSpa’s webinar library by planning and organizing webinar topics regularly throughout the year, as well as scheduling, managing and working directly with speakers for online courses. Along with that, the Training Coordinator will be tasked with coordinating schedules and guests for AmSpa's podcast, Medical Spa Insider.
The Training Coordinator will work to obtain, organize and maintain CME status for AmSpa’s Medical Spa Show and other events and endeavors, as needed. This position will also work on the development and eventual maintenance of AmSpa’s credentialing endeavors. Moderate domestic travel is required for this position. This position reports to the COO and CEO. Click here to learn more and apply.