Big proposed change to Iowa Medical Spa administrative code posted, public hearing soon

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Iowa Administrative Code just published draft language amending the administrative code for Medical Directors of medical spas in Iowa. The propose rule is known as ARC 4093C and is available for review here. 4093C would make several changes to IAC 653-13.8. The major changes being the addition of a laser technician qualification and a continuing education requirement for medical spa personnel.
The proposed rule would provide that a person who completes at least 120 hours of training from an accredited laser training program would be considered a “qualified laser technician”. Having this qualification would permit the technician to perform aesthetic laser procedures under the supervision and delegation of a physician. This qualification is available to both licensed and unlicensed personnel. 4093C also adds a 20 hour per year continuing education requirement for persons offering services in a medical spa. A medical spa’s medical director, qualified licensed or certified nonphysicians, and qualified laser technicians would need to take courses on “the safe and effective performance of medical aesthetic services” annually. Other more minor changes include the addition of microneedling and cool sculpting to the list of “medical aesthetic services”. And affirmatively stating that the medical director holds ultimate responsibility for all services medical services provided by the spa. 
Public comment period is currently open and runs through December 28th with a public hearing is taking place on November 20th at 10:00am Des Moines. If this regulation affects you and you are interested in submitting a comment or attending the hearing you can find out additional information at the Iowa legislature website or by contacting Kent Nebel as directed on the notice here.