Breaking News: Texas Med Spa Bill SB 2366 is Dead

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, April 12, 2019

Breaking news from Austin! The sponsor of Texas Senate Bill 2366, Sen. Bryan Hughes, has agreed to table this very disruptive bill. He was receptive to the objections he received both from AmSpa and the industry at large and won’t be moving forward with this bill. He has also agreed to work with AmSpa in the future on more comprehensive and focused regulation. He is in agreement with AmSpa that reform is needed, but it must be developed in a way that ensures the aesthetic industry complies with the health care regulations to protect the public, and ultimately rid the industry of unqualified practitioners and unsupervised medicals spas.
For more information on what SB 2366 was, click here.
A big thank you to all who supported this effort, this shows the power we can have as a united voice.  But while SB 2366 may be done we aren’t out of the woods yet: the industry will still be at the mercy of future well-meaning but misguided regulations. We need to come together on a comprehensive bill that both makes patients safer and advances and legitimized medical spas. We look forward to hearing from you on how we can shape the regulations to structure a compliant med spa industry.