California Boot Camp Final Agenda

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, July 15, 2016

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The Plan | Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises
• How to do market research for your medical aesthetics practice.
• Who is your client?
• What is the competitive landscape of and need for your services in your area?
• How to draft a business plan for a medical spa or a medical aesthetics facility.
• Should you work with a consultant?
• How to obtain capital for your business.

The Build | Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises
 How to create a profitable floorplan.
 How to design a profitable retail area.
 What is the ideal business flow for optimum guest experience and retail sales?
 Top 5 tips for a successful expansion/top 5 tips for a successful new build
 How do you find the right architect/builder/decorator to meet your business’ specific needs?

The Team | Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises
 Hiring right
 Commission structures and plans
 Growth opportunities for team members
 Strengths-based hiring
 Employee retention
 Investing in education and your team
 Incentivizing your team

The Books | Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises
• What is the best corporate structure for your business?
• Best accounting practices
• Common tax write-offs/deductions
• Software must-haves
• Managing overhead—what’s appropriate for various business sizes/structures
• Putting financial metrics and goals into place and following up on them.

The Launch | Tim Sawyer, Crystal Clear Digital Marketing
• Marketing and cross-marketing
• How to form lucrative partnerships
• How to hold profitable events within a medical spa
• Is advertising worth it?
• How to build momentum within your business

The Law—HIPAA | Alex Thiersch, JD, AmSpa
• Common HIPAA liability exposures.
• HITECH Act of 2009 with expanded HIPAA privacy rules in 2013 ... what they mean to you.
• Policies and training needed to be HIPAA compliant

The Law | Alex Thiersch, JD, AmSpa
• Overview of Northwestern rules and regulations affecting the medical spa, medical aesthetic and laser industries
• Commissions: The fee-splitting conundrum – is it legal? Is Groupon fee-splitting?
• Current hot topic state-specific issues affecting the industry.
• Ownership: Who can own a medical spa? How best to structure a corporation?
• Medical spa supervision and delegation: Must a physician be present and examine every new patient?
• Aestheticians and laser technicians: What they can and cannot do in a medical spa.
• The laws surrounding referrals and gift cards.

The Infrastructure | Dori Soukup, InSPAration Management
• Working with vendors who will work with you
• What to look for in education and marketing support
• How to look for a new product line
• When to buy vs. when to lease

The Long-term | Dori Soukup, InSPAration Management
 How to build on initial success
 How to hold strategic planning
 Goal-setting strategies
 Setting measures for success

The Lessons | Louis Frisina
Learn the 25 habits of highly successful medical aesthetic practices and medical spas from the pioneer of Restylane.
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