Celeb Surgeons Say Clients Asking to Look Like Lensa AI Portraits

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Plastic Surgery

Lensa AI's new "Magic Avatar" feature is all the rage online ... and also in plastic surgery offices, where some patients are willing to pay for those images to become them in real life!!!

Dr. Terry Dubrow, who cohosts "Botched," tells TMZ … 2 people have already approached him asking if he can turn them into their Lensa AI self-portraits, which were generated by the app.

Dubrow -- who says he thought it was a crazy prank request at first -- tells us he turned them down because what they wanted wasn't possible in the operating room.

He also says he's concerned this trend is going to take unrealistic expectations to the next level -- making people feel worse about what they see in the mirror, and not wanting to show their real selves in public anymore.

Ditto for Dr. Deepak Dugar -- who's had clients like Mia Khalifa. He tells us he's actually had 5 Lensa-related requests over the past week, and it gravely worries him as well.

Dugar says he thinks this can actually become pretty dangerous if folks get too accustomed to their AI avatars ... as they might start to blend reality and fantasy.

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