Clarius Webinar Teaches Ultrasound-Powered Aesthetics: Precise Masseter and DAO Botulinum Injections and Perioral Filler Placement

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Tuesday, June 27, 2023


Anatomical planning and vascular mapping are critical for the safest and best aesthetic outcomes. Join expert Dr. Stefania Roberts as she demonstrates ultrasound techniques for safe masseter, depressor angularis oris, and perioral injections.

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn the value of ultrasound for perfecting facial injections, whether using Botox or filler. High-resolution wireless ultrasound is easy to use for any cosmetic practitioner to impress patients with accurate, safe, and aesthetically pleasing results. Save your seat >>

Dr. Roberts will teach how to:

  • Identify the 3 bellies of the masseter muscle and safely avoid the nearby risorius
  • Guide onabotulinum injections in the masseter using a posterior single entry technique
  • Visualize and guide an onabotulinum injection safely into the DAO
  • Differentiate between an artery and a vein using PW Doppler
  • Demonstrate perioral anatomy and vasculature, including the inferior and superior labial arteries and their relationship to orbicularis oris to avoid intravascular filler injections

Facial anatomy can be identified in just minutes. Join Dr. Stefania Roberts as she shares real patient cases captured on video to demonstrate expert handheld ultrasound techniques that can help make your injections safe, accurate, and effective, while avoiding complications.

In recent years, the field of aesthetic medicine has witnessed remarkable advancements in facial rejuvenation techniques. One such innovation is the integration of high-resolution ultrasound to visualize facial muscles like the masseter and depressor angularis oris (DAO) muscle. This ground-breaking visualization approach offers unprecedented precision in guiding botulinum toxin injections for optimizing aesthetic results. Furthermore, vascular mapping is enhancing filler safety by helping clinicians avoid vascular occlusions and bruising.

In this educational webinar, ultrasound expert and experienced cosmetic physician Dr. Stefania Roberts will provide a comprehensive overview of the application of wireless ultrasound in facial aesthetics. She’ll delve into the principles of ultrasound imaging and its capacity to visualize and assess facial muscles and vascular structures with exceptional accuracy. Using real patient cases captured on video in her clinic, Dr. Roberts will teach how to identify facial muscles, map vasculature, and guide your cannula to make your injections safe, accurate, and effective.

In her first patient case, Dr. Roberts will share step-by-step instructions to identify and mark the 3 bellies of the masseter muscle, plan a safe injection, and watch your needle as you inject in the intermediate, superficial, and deep heads. You’ll learn to avoid the risorius muscle, which would shorten the patient’s smile. And, she’ll discuss how to avoid inadvertent paradoxical doubling up of masseters by ensuring equal amounts of onabotulinum are injected.

In her second patient case, Dr. Roberts will show how to safely treat perioral rhytids with Volite using the platform technique. With high-definition wireless ultrasound, she’ll demonstrate how to visualize perioral anatomy and vasculature to avoid the inferior and superior labial arteries and prevent intravascular filler injections. You’ll also learn to confirm filler placement using B-mode and vascular flow health using color Doppler after your filler injections.

Dr. Roberts will be joined by your host and sonographer Shelley Guenther, who will perform live scanning with the Clarius L20 HD3 – now 30% lighter, more affordable, highly specialized for facial aesthetics, and with new voice controls. Elevate your practice and deliver outstanding patient outcomes. Seating is limited. Don’t miss it – register today!

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