Colorimetric Scale Offers Practical Classification in Clinical Assessment of Skin of Color

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Thursday, May 2, 2024

The study, titled, "Colorimetric Scale for Skin of Color: A Practical Classification Scale for the Clinical Assessment, Dermatology Management, and Forensic Evaluation of Individuals With Skin of Color," was written by former dermatologist Philip R. Cohen, MD; forensic pathologist Michelle A. DiMarco, MD; forensic pathologist Rachel L. Geller, MD; and forensic pathologist Lora A. Darrisaw, MD.

They argued that traditional classification systems, such as the Fitzpatrick scale, fall short in accurately categorizing individuals with skin of color, leading to potential misdiagnoses and inadequate treatments. In turn, they developed a novel colorimetric scale, devoid of racial or ethnic biases, in an effort to present a promising solution to address these shortcomings.

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