Most of Your Employees Are NOT Independent Contractors

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Friday, May 3, 2024

CEDR HR Solutions

A Complimentary HR Course - NEW RULES FOR 2024- Guide to Worker Classification: W-2 vs.1099

Picture this: You're navigating the twists and turns of trying to fill a position, and then bam!—you're hit with a request to pay a new worker as an independent contractor. The task of figuring out who qualifies as an independent contractor vs. an employee probably feels like a maze crafted by the Department of Labor (DOL), right?

The DOL clarified the rules governing your ability to classify a worker as an independent contractor. We want to make sure everyone understands it, so we put together a complimentary HR Crash Course on the ruling! Make sure to register for it here.

This new guidance impacts positions across all medical-related businesses, including, but not limited to, estheticians, associate doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, massage therapists, as well as all clinicians and healthcare workers (so pretty much everyone!)

The Main Takeaway from the Ruling: The DOL has just added a game-changer condition for classifying employees—the extent to which the work performed by the worker is integral to your business is now one of the primary determining factors of the likelihood of someone being an employee and not an independent contractor.

One of the most common mistakes we see daily among employers and our community, in general, is misclassifying a worker who is supposed to be classified as an employee as an independent contractor.

As you will learn, classifying temp employees or others as 1099 workers breaks DOL and IRS rules, and the ramifications are costly for employers. This course provides basic and much-needed knowledge that you will use over and over again throughout your career.

The course we created is designed to help you quickly understand the ins and outs of the new change without diving into the DOL's dense documentation. If you hire people, then this is a must-know course.

How long is it? Less than twenty minutes, and that will fly by!

Who should take it? If you hire or onboard employees, this is for you.

Does this apply to small businesses? Yep! This applies whether you have one or one thousand employees.

Will it hurt? Maybe a little bit.

Gain the confidence to make the right choices about classifying your workers. Take the complimentary course today!