Crown Aesthetics Announces Revolutionary Study Demonstrating Efficacy of Patented Xycrobe Technology

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Monday, November 28, 2022

Crown Aesthetics

Crown Aesthetics, a Crown Laboratories, Inc. company, maintains its position at the forefront of skincare innovation with the unveiling of a new study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showcasing the efficacy of its patented Xycrobe technology, formulated to address the often overlooked skin biome. Xycrobe technology targets certain skin conditions and cosmetic treatments using an isolated, living strain of skin-relevant bacteria.

Topical skincare products are commonly formulated using ingredients that address various elements of the skin. However, there is minimal consideration for how those formulations impact the skin's naturally balanced biome, including the microbiome. Xycrobe technology harnesses the power of a particular strain of Cutibacterium acnes subspecies defendens (C. acnes defendens), a subspecies of the most prolific skin-specific bacterial species, which accounts on average for 89% of the bacteria in the sebaceous skin follicles, to improve the health and appearance of the skin by curating and supporting the right strain within the existing microbiome. The results of the recently published study demonstrate that the BIOJUVE regimen, which incorporates the Xycrobe strain as well as its ferment, supports a healthy skin environment, promotes increased skin hydration, decreases redness, regulates sebum production and reduces the appearance of signs of aging such as fine lines and photodamage.

"The research we present in this paper debunks numerous myths that have perpetuated for the last half century or so about what constitutes a healthy skin microbiome, what role C. acnes strains play in skin health, and the ability to formulate progressive topicals with live microbes that might contribute to a healthier skin biome overall," says Dr. Thomas M. Hitchcock, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Crown Laboratories Inc. "We firmly believe that Crown Laboratories Inc. is pioneering the "skin biome care" category with our extensive research into the skin biome. We aim to continue to invest in exploring the relationship between the microbes that live on and in the skin, and how this new philosophy of formulating topicals to holistically consider the skin biome may change how we care for the skin. We believe Xycrobe technology fulfills the skin biome needs outlined by our research, and we are very excited to share this data and the BIOJUVE products used in the clinical study, with the world."

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