Houston Medical Spas Under Investigation for Illegal Cosmetic Procedures

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two Houston Medical Spas have been accused of performing illegal cosmetic procedures in the state of Texas within this past week.
The first case involved a cosmetologist charged with practicing medicine without a license. According to the Harris County District Attorney, the spa worker gave buttock injections that led to complications for at least two patients. 
"This is why doctors need to be very careful when they decide to become a medical director for a med spa. We don’t know whether there was a doctor associated with this spa, but there are clearly some bad actors out there and when doctors aren’t careful they can find themselves involved in something like this even though they didn’t intend to do anything bad," said AmSpa Founder/Director Alex Thiersch. If a physician is associated with a non-compliant medical spa, the penalties can be severe
With the second case, a medical spa owner has been arrested after a sting operation. Houston police said the spa worker was illegally injecting Botox and lip fillers without a license.

After raiding the medical spa, Police said they uncovered lip filler and ten vials of what appeared to be foreign Botox and anesthesia. 

"Again, this is why it is vital that the industry takes it upon itself to become regulated. It's stories like this that can kill the industry because the news picks up on them, then the lawmakers, and the next thing you know there’s reactionary legislation that hurts the good, law-abiding spas," said Thiersch.
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