How to Maximize your Profile, Network, and Newsfeed on LinkedIn

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Saturday, May 26, 2018

Small businesses drive opportunity in the US (creating two out of every three jobs), and that's something to celebrate. This week is National Small Business Week, and we want to recognize individuals just like you. How so?

We made an e-book just for small business leaders. Check out "The Business Owner's Guide to LinkedIn" to learn more about how to maximize your profile, network, and newsfeed.

What are you in it for? Tell your story on LinkedIn and include the hashtag #CelebrateSmallBusiness. If you use our new video feature, click the top right for a special "Small Business Week" video filter. We'll be highlighting stories throughout the week, starting with a couple below:
"There's something that's opened up about the freedom and flexibility to learn. I feel the opportunity to really make a difference and start a conversation." - Kat, KATA
"One of the things that's at the core of me and my entrepreneurial career is that I love to be needed and love to be a solutions partner."
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