It's All Relative: Embracing the Einsteinian Approach to Aesthetics

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The relativity of time and truth may share a commonality with aesthetics.
To Sir Isaac Newton, time—a measure of change—was absolute, linear, and unidirectional. He felt time and space existed regardless of the human condition, and Newton’s laws were irrefutable…until a rebel arrived.
Albert Einstein recognized that two people observing the same event may see it differently depending on where they stand. But to understand his insight, an individual had to view a tangible world from an abstract distance. The previous absolutes of time and space had to be considered bendable. Einstein’s theories allow for a past, present, and future that all concurrently exist.
Newton’s truth is analogous to aesthetic medicine’s use of 2D photographic imaging as a tool to define beauty. Or the use of only one technique in a surgery. It is a singular approach that is independent of the differences in an individual’s anatomy, psyche, culture, creed, or position. Peering deeper, however, we know there is more to predicting successful aesthetic outcomes than this cookie cutter approach.
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