Lip Injections Are Most Popular in This City

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lip injections are having a major moment right now: More people than ever are going under the needle for a plumper, perkier set of lips. According to data on cosmetic procedures, the trend is not just confined to the most obvious locations (i.e. Los Angeles or New York) — interest in lip augmentation across the nation is surging. So much so that the city with the largest swell in lip injections may surprise you.
A recent data analysis from RealSelf, which keeps its finger on the pulse of data and trends in plastic surgery, found the city with the highest interest in lip injections is…Phoenix? Yep. The city had was over 30 percent more interested in the procedure than the national average, topping the interest in Los Angeles. (29 percent) and San Diego (26 percent).
Intrigue over lip injections keeps growing, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Case in point: A record number of people underwent lip augmentation procedures in 2015 (which, in what's probably not a coincidence, also happens to be the same year Kylie Jenner started talking about the procedure).
The following year, the number of lip augmentation procedures rose 4 percent and injectable fillers (a category that includes lip injections) jumped 2 percent, according to the most recent data.
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