Medspa Management Invite: Revenue Boost or Bust?

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dr. Poor has been practicing general dermatology for 20 years. He performs few cosmetic treatments in his office and has now recognized a reality: His revenues have declined and his overhead keeps increasing. He does not wish to retire nor sell his practice; yet, he cannot economically survive. 

A friend who has opened a new medical spa suggests that Dr. Poor oversee the aestheticians and electrologists. The friend will own the spa and Dr. Poor will be responsible for all medical procedures performed. Dr. Poor feels very fortunate and tells some fellow dermatologists of his good luck. 

One of the dermatologists, married to an attorney, asks if Dr. Poor is aware of the corporate practice of medicine issues in his state, as well as his liability for overseeing such employees as aestheticians and electrologists who will be doing a variety of laser treatments?

The number of medical spas, although decreased during the recession, has greatly has increased in recent years. By definition, a medspa is a location where a patient can go for a variety of cosmetic and (typically) non-invasive procedures — ranging from neuromodulators to chemical peels and laser treatments.
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