New Bill Would Grant Independent Practice to NPs in Mississippi

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 14, 2020

A new bill introduced in Mississippi would allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice without the need for physician supervision. House Bill 613 (HB 613) is sponsored by Representative Donnie Scoggin and has been referred to the Public Health and Human Services Committee for further consideration. You can review the text of the bill in full here.
HB 613 would bring major changes to Mississippi’s current NP practice laws. Currently, NPs in Mississippi require written practice guidelines with a collaborating physician to practice. HB 613 would allow NPs who have practiced for 3,600 hours in a “transition to practice” collaboration with a physician to be exempt from the need to maintain the formal written collaborative relationship. NPs who are exempt from this requirement are still required to “collaborate” with other health care providers, but in this context, this means they must only seek consultation with, work with or refer to other health care professionals based on the needs of the patient.
The national trend has been moving toward allowing NPs to practice as independent health care providers independent of the supervision of physicians. Frequently, states will require the NP to practice under supervision for a certain number of hours before they are granted independence. In that regard, HB 613 is in line with that trend, and, if passed, would allow Mississippi NPs to become independent health care providers in their own right.
We will be monitoring HB 613 as it works its way through Mississippi’s legislative process this year.