New Report Shows How Beauty is Getting More Connected

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, August 29, 2016

Digital tools for consumers to manage their beauty and hygiene are heating up, according to a new analysis from Canadean, "Top Trends in Toiletries and Hygiene." Recent innovations have included Shiseido's beauty consultation app, the OKU skin scanner and Perfect Corp.'s virtual makeover app. "The boom in smartphones has ... led to greater interest in more intelligent and integrated solutions, which can monitor and better manage specific facets surrounding personal hygiene, and well-being more generally," according to an official announcement. These solutions will appeal to tech-savvy millennials, as well as any consumer seeking a more proactive diagnostic solution for personalized health, hygiene and general wellness. This appetite for innovation can create new space for apps (like YouCam Makeup), smartphone-compatible tools (like OKU) and outright partnerships with technology brands. Read more at Skin Inc.