News You Can Use – January 8, 2014

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, January 8, 2014

AmSpa Newsstand The benefits of medical aesthetics and laser/IPL treatments As more clients seek to maintain their youthful appearance and improve their confidence, medical cosmetic treatments like laser and IPL technology are in high demand. But besides looking younger and feeling better, what are some of other benefits of these treatments? The Canadian Brampton Guardian reports … Read the full article here Practical Finance According to SkinInc. Magazine, being "financially fit”as a business is very important, but often misunderstood. Knowing how your skincare sales are trending compared to previous years and clearly defining overhead expenses are just a few of the ways to be financially fit. But what else does it take? Read the full article here The art of customer service With med spas sprouting up in every corner of the country, clients now have many options when it comes to aesthetic medical procedures and skincare. So how do you set your business apart from the others? According to SkinInc. magazine, it is all about customer care. Making your clients feel special, never saying "no” and getting feedback are just a few of the ways to ensure you are providing excellent customer service … Read the full article here S. Korea transfers Botox technology to Allergan for $360 million The South Korean government has officially approved the transfer of technology for the production of Botox to Allergan Inc. for the $360 million, marking the largest overseas sale of medical technology developed in S. Korea. The deal is expected to be a foundation for developing the country’s biomedical industry … Read the full article here Nurse practitioners the prescription for doctor shortage It is no secret that our health care system is undergoing some major changes and as a result, the shortage in doctors is growing. In California alone, 42 out of 58 counties don’t have as many physicians as needed according to a report by UT San Diego news. But to ease this problem, nurse practitioners (NPs) are replacing doctors in medical facilities across the country. The qualifications for NPs may not be well understood, but this profession requires a masters level degree and for some patients, it beats waiting for the doc … Read the full article here