Plastic Surgeons Sound the Alarm Against the New “Alienized Look”

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dr. Steven Harris has had it. The owner of the Harris Clinic in London, who employs a “less is more” approach in his use of Botox and fillers, has taken to social media to sound the alarm bells. On Instagram, the aesthetic doctor — whose Hollywood clients regularly fly across the pond to see for his revered correction work — posted a picture of a stick of dynamite with a ticking clock next to it, writing, “Our industry is fast becoming a breeding ground for mental health illness. … What sort of twisted standard of beauty are we creating for the younger generations and how does it affect those with mental health disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder?”

Speaking with THR, he says, “Things have gone really wrong in the field of aesthetics.” As Harris sees it, there’s a normalization of extreme procedures that’s threatening to take over the industry, from the controversial Russian Lip technique (“using an overabundance of filler to crudely project lips vertically, creating a tented look with severe, crisp borders,” according to Harris) to protruding cheek bones to an abnormally high-winged eyebrows. The latter three looks are part of a trend that goes beyond Instagram Face — a highly “Facetuned” wrinkle- and pore-free mug — and has morphed into what some doctors are calling a grossly altered, “alienized look.” Think something not too far from Angelina Jolie’s paranormally contoured facial transformation for the role of Maleficent, faces whose features have been distorted with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin to the point where they look like extra-terrestrials. Think the model and social-media phenom with the new abnormally arched eyebrows (which observers say is achieved via laparoscopic brow lifts); a horde of reality stars; and the rapper whose face is reaching increasing levels of angularity.

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