Plastic Surgery Patients Report Shorter Wait Times Than Other Patients

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, April 4, 2016

Plastic surgeons had some of the shortest wait times seen among 139 types of specialists, according to Vitals 7th annual wait time report.

Plastic surgery patients report waiting 13 min, 13 sec to see their doctor, the report showed. In general, most patients are waiting 19 minutes, 19 seconds. This is down nearly 10 percent from the average 21 minutes and 18 seconds patients once spent in the waiting room.

Other specialists with short waits include radiation oncologists (12 minutes, 29 seconds) and sports medicine doctors (13 minutes, 4 seconds). Spine surgeons had the longest wait times, averaging 29 minutes, 34 seconds.
Vitals studied over 6 million reviews left by patients for doctors to see how wait times correlate to star ratings and found that doctors with five-stars, the highest doctor rating on Vitals, had a 13-minute wait on average. In contrast, doctors with a 1-star, the lowest rating, averaged a 33-minute wait.

The findings also indicate an important correlation between wait time and patient satisfaction. In fact, positive reviews start to skew negative after patients are left waiting more than 20 minutes. For instance, 49 percent of patients who had a 15-minute wait rated their doctor positively. Yet, only 27 percent of patients who waited for 45 minutes ultimately left a positive physician review.

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