Strategic Blepharoplasty in the Male Patient

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, June 13, 2017

“The attractive male orbit and eyelid is distinctly full…,” he says. “When upper eyelid surgery is performed in men, it should be done very conservatively. It is far better to perform a second stage skin excision at some future date, than to remove too much skin at the primary procedure and create an overly changed, hollow, un-masculine or ill appearance.”

Dr. Marten says that a good and common strategy for treating the eyelids of male facelift patients is to forgo traditional blepharoplasties altogether. Rather, Dr. Marten says he leaves the upper eyelids redundant and the bags in the lower orbital areas untreated, preserving an important loci of a man’s identity. 

“This strategy is particularly useful in men who are well known to the public and can dissuade others from believing any surgery was actually performed,” Dr. Marten says.

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