Terri Ross Consulting Launches New Online Course

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, March 13, 2020

High-performance sales coach, expert practice management consultant and AmSpa trainer Terri Ross has launched her first online course, PFE™ Practice Foundational Elements: Your Road Map to a 7-Figure Medical Practice.
This dynamic five-module online course teaches techniques to increase revenue by mastering the art of sales and wowing clients by delivering a five-star patient experience. The course covers everything Terri teaches in her live sales training seminars (as it was filmed live), plus the added bonuses of:
Whether you are an established plastic surgery practice, medical spa or aesthetic center, or you are in the start-up phase, sales and customer service training is the top priority.
You can have a beautiful office with great equipment and services, but if your team is not trained in sales fundamentals or they don’t have the ability to engage and convert callers and build trust and rapport during the consultation, educate on value or know how to overcome objections, you will only get so far.
The course covers topics such as:
The course is based on Terri’s more than 20 years of sales experience and her proven methods of scaling a Beverly Hills medical spa, yielding growth of 600% in one year.
If you would like to learn how to increase revenue, improve patient retention, enhance the customer experience, develop a more confident staff and determine which KPIs you should be using in your practice, go to The AmSpa Store.
Feel free to contact Terri directly at terri@terriross.com or call her at 310.499.6776.