Terri Ross Introduces APX by Terri Ross

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 5, 2021

APX by Terri Ross is a new integrative, solutions-based training platform that provides cutting-edge tools to increase efficiency, profitability and competitive edge in the aesthetics industry and offers innovative, comprehensive practice management solutions in the areas of sales, finance and operations in the new COVID-era marketplace.
The platform enables members to keep a pulse on the most critical elements of a growing practice and includes a one-of-a-kind, proven system that is affordable, scalable and effective and has built-in accountability to track progress.
APX by Terri Ross features five key components with proprietary tools to increase practice efficiency and profitability for one flat annual license fee with unlimited access for team members.
“APX by Terri Ross was the direct result of working one-on-one with clients for more than a decade and gaining a unique perspective and understanding of their pain points and the gaps in knowledge in the areas of sales, finance, operations, KPIs and benchmarking," said Terri Ross, CEO and founder of APX by Terri Ross. “With COVID and the changes the industry faced within the new landscape, it became apparent that practices needed real solutions to be more efficient and more profitable. My team and I took a hard look at how we could provide the necessary tools and resources that were not available anywhere else and essentially roll them into the most comprehensive, robust, impactful solutions-based platform that will save thousands of dollars and provide evergreen content. It will be like having my team in their office 24/7 and exponentially increase efficiency and profitability. I could not be more excited to launch APX and help as many aesthetic practices as possible in the industry to reach new heights of success.”
For more information about APX by Terri Ross, or to book a demo to experience the platform and its capabilities, click here.