The ‘Bone Lift’ Could Be the Next Breakthrough for Facial Rejuvenation

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, August 30, 2017

An aging face has so much more to do with than just lines and wrinkles. A loss of volume makes the eyes, temples and cheeks look hollow, skin texture changes make the skin look damaged and molted, and a loss of bone causes less support to the face.

For years, it’s been all about facelifts and fillers to restore the look of an aging face and make it appear youthful. But now, a new type of treatment, called a bone lift, may be the secret answer to turning back the clock once and for all.
With age, facial bones shift, droop and loose bone density. While it’s not exactly news that the bones play a significant role in how the face ages, what is pretty interesting, and definitely new, is that for the first time ever there may be a way to treat aging bones. Researchers at Rutgers Medical School claim that the use of osteoporosis drugs and mechanical tools and devices typically used in craniofacial surgery, and even orthodontics, can help mitigate the effects of changes in facial bones. The researchers went on to say that using osteoporosis medication may help to build up bone density in the face for a younger look.
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