The "Boomerang Lift" Is a New Nonsurgical Procedure With Little Downtime

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Friday, October 28, 2022


Though more infrequently than makeup and hair, even the world of plastic surgery sees the occasional trend. In recent years, thanks to social media and the candidness of a handful of celebrities, more people are opening up about the work they've had done, and it's causing the industry to boom. Everything from "lip flips" to "ponytail lifts" has become more commonplace, which has opened up the doors to more information surrounding new types of procedures, such as the "boomerang lift."

Pioneered by Oren Tepper, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon and director of aesthetic surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, and Glenn Jelks, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist, the boomerang lift is a type of facial rejuvenation that addresses volume in the face and provides some lift to the cheekbone area. This differs from a full-blown facelift, which addresses the entire face, particularly sagging around the jawline and neck.

"The boomerang lift was inspired by many years of research and work in reconstructive surgery, which showed that stem cells could be derived from one's own fat and, if placed at the appropriate area and depth, had the ability to create foundational support and lift to facial structures," Dr. Tepper says. Ahead, learn more about what this facial procedure entails.

What Is the Boomerang Lift?

A boomerang lift is a nonsurgical volumizing lift, but it got its catchy name from its results. "The procedure was named the boomerang lift for its tri-aesthetic benefits due to its ability to restore and lift cheek volume in the shape of a boomerang, help boomerang back patients' appearance 10-15 years, and quickly boomerang back to normal life in just a few days," Dr. Tepper says.

It can address wrinkles and depression lines in the skin from loss of volume, but it's not the best solution for sagging skin. "Those patients with significant amounts of excess skin will require additional, more invasive procedures that involve incisions, such as a temporal lift, facelift, and neck lift," he says.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia or light sedation and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. "The cheek is comprised of three targeted compartments that look like a boomerang," Dr. Tepper says. "When you fill these areas using one's own fat, you restore youthful volume, create a lifting effect, and soften the depression which occurs at the border of the lower eyelid and cheek."

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