The Ideal Minimally Invasive Mix

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, October 4, 2016

After four years of refinements, Jack Zamora, M.D., an oculofacial plastic surgeon in Denver, Colo., says he has found the ideal mix of minimally invasive devices and techniques to dramatically rejuvenate the upper and lower face, with less downtime, risk and expense than with a full-deep plane facelift.
The J-PlaZty procedure involves adipose and stem cell grafting; laser facial sculpting with the Precision TX (Cynosure); a proprietary stitch maneuver; a touch of CO2 laser resurfacing; and, most importantly, use of the J-Plasma (Bovie Medical), which Dr. Zamora says uses energized helium to create energy that is only a fraction — 25% — of the potential thermal load of a CO2 laser.
There are no significant incisions or scarring — only up to three small 15-blade stab incisions. The entire procedure is done with local anesthetic in about an hour. The initial recovery is in as little as three days, according to Dr. Zamora. 
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