The Most Exciting Advance in Skincare is Here: Introducing the SkinMedica® LUMIVIVE™ System

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Allergan plc (NYSE : AGN ) today announced the launch of the new SkinMedica® LUMIVIVE™ System,  an innovative skincare product designed with two distinct formulas - one to shield skin from blue light and environmental aggressors during the day and another to recharge the skin's essential repair process at night. During the day, LUMIVIVE™ offers  full atmospheric protection and fights the signs of aging for optimal skin health and vitality. At night, LUMIVIVE™ supports the skin's ability to repair itself overnight, restoring the appearance of a glowing, youthful complexion. Unlike any other product on the market, the innovative LUMIVIVE™ System formulas work around the clock to support optimal skin vitality and radiance, and doesn't fade throughout the day or wash off, providing 24-hour protection and revitalization.
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