Thermi and Sinclair Pharma to Collaborate on Silhouette Instalift

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, May 31, 2016

almirall, MIT, skin polymerAlmirall announced that it has signed, through its Dallas based company Thermigen, an exclusive U.S. strategic marketing collaboration agreement for Silhouette Instalift with Sinclair Pharma, an international specialty pharmaceutical company. The U.S. distribution agreement with Thermi for the recently FDA approved nonsurgical facelift, Silhouette Instalift, will give immediate access to the largest single aesthetics market in the world.
Sinclair estimates that more 250 InstaLift procedures have been performed to-date and through the activities of independent Continuing Medical Education providers (CME) and meetings more than 2,000 physicians have learned about InstaLift from their peers and more than 50 have already received up to date aesthetic education and training in broad based programs that include InstaLift.  These initial efforts provide the Thermi team with a well-established group of thought leading physicians as the foundation for their launch efforts. Thermi has been initially granted with exclusive four-year distribution rights for the U.S. market. The agreement involves a material investment in the launch and marketing of Silhouette Instalift by Sinclair. In addition, Sinclair will hold an annual option, after year three, to repatriate the rights, having compensated Thermi accordingly. Additional terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.
Thermi will launch Silhouette Instalift later this month. Thermi will continue the support Sinclair has provided for ongoing aesthetic medical education provided by medical societies and meetings as well as other CME providers and events. Thermi will directly support the product with its fast-growing 55 representative sales force backed by both Thermi and Sinclair marketing teams. “Thermi has been recognised for its fast growth and for its unique clinical culture. This rewarding clinical culture was conceived, developed and is implemented by leading physicians who commit themselves to sustaining Thermi’s peer-to-peer training programs,” says Paul Herchman CEO of Thermi. “Our success has been driven by offering technologies that help physicians provide solutions which address the needs of patients who don’t want a face lift, for whom non-invasive treatments are not working and who want measurable improvement. The Silhouette Instalift product greatly expands our product offerings for these physicians.”
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