Thread lifts versus surgery

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, October 5, 2018

Thread-lifting techniques have evolved to provide satisfactory short-term results, particularly in the midface, said an expert at The Cosmetic BootCamp. However, he added, thread lifting often works best in conjunction with other procedures such as fat injections and fat contouring. And even at its best, thread lifting cannot approach the results or longevity of specialized surgical results.

Choosing between thread lifts and surgical lifts requires knowing what patients want, and how long they want results to last, said Providence, Rhode Island-based plastic surgeon Patrick Sullivan, M.D. For patients who want to be ready for a near-term event, with little postprocedural downtime, he explained, thread lifts may suffice. But if patients can tolerate a longer recovery in pursuit of more beneficial and durable results, the pendulum swings toward surgery.
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