Three Myths Surrounding Injectables and How to Address Them

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, September 8, 2017

Botox is the only injectable. 

Botox is a brand name and belongs to a group of drugs known as neuromodulators. This group of drugs also includes Dysport and Xeomim. Neuromodulators work by weakening or paralyzing muscles. This is not a permanent side effect, but wrinkles and small folds in the skin will be diminished.  

Fillers are only for the lower face. 

There are different types of fillers, and each has its own properties, including longevity and stiffness. This means that fillers can be used under lower eyelids and cheeks. "Under the lower eyelids a facial plastic surgeon looks for filler that is good at filling volume however is not too stiff so as not to produce lumps underneath the thin skin there," said Fedok in a release. 
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