Thulium Laser Found to Be as Effective as Combination TL-PDT For Photodamaged Décolleté Skin

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, January 20, 2020

A side‐by‐side randomized controlled trial by Kristoffer Hendel, MD, et al, revealed that treatment with a 1,927-nm thulium laser (TL) is as effective as in reducing photodamage on the décolleté as combination treatment with TL and photodynamic therapy (PDT).
The study included 12 women with moderate to severe photodamage on the décolleté and a cumulative total of 184 thin grade-I AKs. All AKs were treated with lesion-directed curettage. Subjects' décolletés were then divided into four treatment areas and randomized to receive one single treatment with TL, PDT, combination TL and PDT or only lesion-directed curettage (control).

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