Utah Board of Dentistry Proposes New Training Requirements for Aesthetic Injections

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Utah Board of Dentistry has proposed changes to its administrative rules that would provide minimum training requirements for dentists performing aesthetic injections. These proposed amendments are open for public comment from February 4 through March 2, with a hearing scheduled to take place on February 13. The proposed changes can be viewed here, starting on page 30 of the document.
The proposed rules make a number of minor changes to the administrative rules. The most significant addition—and the one that we are interested in—is the addition of a training requirement for dentists to practice facial cosmetic dentistry using neurotoxins and dermal fillers. In order to be minimally competent in the procedure, dentists must complete a minimum of eight hours of PACE or CERP training. The training additionally must include a hands-on component along with any classroom education.
This represents a change of policy in Utah. Previously, the use of Botox as part of a dental treatment plan, such as to treat temporal mandibular joint issues, was considered part of the dental scope of practice, but injections for purely cosmetic purposes were not. Utah, like most states, does not expressly permit or prohibit dentists performing cosmetic injections; instead this area of practice is usually inferred from the statutory scope of practice—which often allows dentists to treat the tissues associated with the teeth, mouth and jaw—to include the lips and cheeks. The last official board statement on the subject was from 2008, and it does not appear that this policy has been rescinded or replaced. Instead, these proposed rule changes may be providing guidance to dentists who employ these injections as part of their dental treatment plans only.
It is important to note that these rule changes are newly proposed and have not yet been officially adopted. If you have comments regarding these proposals, they can be made to Larry Marx (801.530.6254, lmarx@utah.gov) or at the public hearing on February 13, which will be held at 9am in conference room 402 at the Heber Wells Building, 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114.