Wellness Resorts Eye Long Covid Treatments as New Moneymaker

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Thursday, July 15, 2021

“We’re learning more about long Covid every day,” says Dr. Kristin Englund, an infectious disease specialist leading the long Covid recovery center at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. As the virus can affect almost every organ in the human body, she says, long Covid can present in many different ways. Almost all of Englund’s patients experience fatigue, but other common symptoms include shortness of breath with exertion, dizziness, concentration difficulties, constipation, and intolerance to heat and cold. More serious issues such as diabetes and kidney damage may, in some cases, prove deadly even months after the initial infection.

With long Covid manifesting itself in such a variety of forms, treating it is still a clinical conundrum. “If there is one consensus, it’s that there is no ‘magic pill’ for these patients,” Englund says. “There is no supplement or antibiotic or treatment that will cure all symptoms. The best treatments are still to be determined.”

But the very absence of clear guidance from physicians has opened the opportunity for medical spas and wellness resorts to offer their own options, often with locally inspired or high-tech modalities that are either unproven in clinical settings or otherwise overlooked by Western medicine. The question is less whether it’s worth trying these approaches and more whether people will shell out for it—many require weeklong commitments and hopping a flight halfway around the globe.

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