What I’ve Learned From Quitters

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, January 4, 2019

Last fall, a tenured employee quit. In the several months prior to this, I had allowed negativity, self-sabotage and unclear expectations of myself and others to permeate my work space. I believed I was doing it all wrong and began to peruse job boards, consider other employment options and sink into a professional funk.

Up until this point, I was trepidatious in my management style and unclear in my expectations of staff. Turns out, this is a recipe for unfulfilling managerial work, leaving me feeling deflated, deficient and discontent. I never believed a quitter would inspire me to re-invent what had become second nature and reawaken me to the possibilities for growth within a job I had seemingly mastered. Tenure means nothing if you’ve stopped serving your purpose.
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