Woman Now Has a Lisp after Getting Toxin to Even out Her Smile

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Friday, February 25, 2022

TikTok user Nikita Kimberly dealt with a self-described "Botox fail" last year, and she's posting about her experience so other young people know the risks.

Kimberly said she received Botox in September 2021 to lessen the appearance of a dent on her chin when she smiled. 

About three days later, Kimberly told Insider, she noticed her "face turned crooked" as the Botox had migrated to a muscle that it was not intended for, moving from her chin toward the left side of her mouth. She says she looked in the mirror to find an uneven smile and a lisp. 

Kimberly said her doctor told her she could correct the lopsided effect by getting more Botox on the other side of her mouth, but she told Insider she decided not to. She doesn't want the procedure again; she is waiting until the effects wear off in a few months. 

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