Working Successfully with Family Members

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We’re a father-daughter team, which means that if you’re running into a problem working with friends and/or family, we’ve been there. We understand how you can love someone...and at times want to strangle them. It happens.
Whether parents and children or spouses and siblings (with some in-laws sprinkled in for good measure), it’s more common than ever to work with family today. Following these seven tried-and-true tips will help you work successfully with family members, while keeping your sanity.
In some instances, you may be equal partners with equal decision-making power. In others, one party (or several parties) might be a minority partner(s) while the other has majority voting rights or maybe some of the parties are employees who have no final say. Determine this relationship from the get-go, and communicate any changes as they occur.
If all parties are easygoing, nothing will ever get done. If all parties are strong-willed or hot-tempered, there will always be a standstill. Opposites attract as long as you have similar work ethics, morals and goals.
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