You're Invited to Step Into The Millionaires' Circle!

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Millionaire's Circle is a three-day seminar from May 23-25 in Daytona Beach, FL where InSPAration Management will teach you the T.M.S.P. System. The system is designed to target the affluent. The affluent represent 20% of the US population and they are people who make over $100K per year. Currently, most Medi Spas and Spas market to all consumers. They market to consumers who can’t afford the treatments and products that are offered. Therefore, they offer discounts and participate in PRICE WAR GAMES.  This leads to depleted profit lines.
Discover the TMSP System...
Work smarter, not harder. If you are going to get up and go to work every day, you might as well cater to the people who can afford you and are willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise and what you do. Learn where to find the affluent and how to effectively target them & lead them to your business.
Marketing is the Lifeblood of Your Business. This seems obvious. Frequently, people make mistakes with their approach and they attract the wrong clientele. Attracting your ideal clients (the affluent) and converting them into new clients isn't as straightforward as you expect. There is a special process to market effectively. During the seminar, you will discover proven marketing methods to market to the affluent.
Selling to the affluent is not the same as selling to the average consumer. You need to use different techniques to sell to the affluent. They like dealing with experts, classy, and knowledgeable professionals who will provide them with solutions to reach their goals and/or fulfill their needs. Do you know how to sell to the affluent? You will Learn how to sell to the affluent & maximize your revenue.
High paying clients plump up your profit line. Pricing plays a key role in how much profit you can generate from the treatments & products you sell.

Dori Soukup with InSPAration Management will show you a formula on how to EXACTLY price your treatments & products to ensure high profit margins.