5 Innovative Ideas to Navigate Your Business Through Unusual Times

Posted By Mike Meyer, Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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By Cartessa Aesthetics

Are you brainstorming ways to navigate your business through these unusual times? With cities closing and social distancing becoming a new normal, we know anxiety is running high for many reasons. We're so used to marketing our businesses so that patrons and patients visit us, and now we are faced with the problem of engaging them without having them come physically through our doors. We'e been thinking about what you might want to consider that can help when we return to more normal days. Here's what Cartessa Aesthetics Director of Practice Development, Kim Pezzetti, had to say.

Be Virtually Social

Now more than ever before, people are turning to social media to connect. It's a powerful tool to keep patients engaged and show that you are still there to support them. Many are offering virtual consults, filming skin care regimen content and talking about treatment and specials they are offering. Go live on Instagram and Facebook. Include before-and-afters and invite patients to submit reviews to you for sharing or on sites such as realself.com. Lastly, social media challenges are another great way to engage your followers.

Be Creative with Offers and Pricing

Running promotional pricing and offers for future treatments and packages can help keep cash flow steady. Implementing payment plans can add protection for your practice while still allowing for new business. Deeper discounts for certain time periods and offering staff incentives for closing and upselling treatments also can help the flow of new business. Do you sell products within your office? Take this time to offer promotions with curbside pickup or delivery.

Plan an Event—Think Outside the Box

While we don't know when social restrictions will lift, once they do, an event may be a great way to bring people together. The educational approach still wins—patients are more likely to purchase a treatment or service if they are familiar with the procedure and outcomes. If you have time to do some planning now—our usual recommendation is giving yourself six weeks to plan—be flexible in the execution. Also, keep in mind that there will be a shift in patient behavior, so get creative. Virtual events and webinars may also aid to your success here.

Take This Time to Assess Your Practice and Business Strategy

Use social distancing to your advantage by finally having the time to perform a practice assessment and analyze your business strategy. Are you and your team utilizing your time and resources efficiently? Explore your practice from the eyes of a patient, both digitally and in-office. Google yourself and your practice—see what new clients experience when they go online. Does your website or your office reflect the style and level of services that you provide? Is information about new and existing treatments readily available both in-office and online? Is it easy for a patient to find and contact your office? Why should they choose your practice—are your credentials and before-and-after photos readily visible? These are all great questions to ask yourself to help identify the weaknesses and strengths within your practice. With these questions answered, you can then formalize a strategy to address shortfalls and implement improvements over time.

Offer Loyalty Programs with Patient Rewards

Lastly, thank your patients for trusting you and your team through loyalty programs and patient rewards. Many practices have rewards or referral programs, and you may already have one in place within your practice. Does yours encompass all the services and treatments that you offer? Evaluate this program from the eyes of a patient and do some additional research about what others are doing inside and outside your industry and locale. Additionally, have you reached to local businesses that have similar client bases? Now may be a great time to brainstorm with other local business owners about what you can do for your community in the upcoming months. For example, does it make sense to team up with your local hair salons, makeup artists, photographers and venues to build a wedding session offering?

Support from Kim Pezzetti and her practice development team is included in the purchase of each device. The team at Cartessa Aesthetics is here for you—reach out at any time to talk about your business, your concerns and your long-term goals.

Cartessa Aesthetics LLC sources leading aesthetic medical devices globally for U.S. dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and medical spas. Because Cartessa is not tethered to any one manufacturer, it is able to select cutting-edge technologies that offer clinically proven results.

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