COVID-19 Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Posted By Mike Meyer, Thursday, April 23, 2020


By the Wellness Medical Protection Group

Q: Can I file a claim under my business commercial general liability "Business Interruption Insurance"?

A: No. The typical Commercial General Liability policy will not cover COVID-19-related claims where your medical spa or wellness center has been subject to a shutdown by civil authority—only for physical damage. However, refer to your policy for specific wording. The pandemic has been excluded with our major insurance carriers.

Q: Can I suspend or cancel my current medical spa "Medical Professional Liability Insurance" policy?

A: Since most policies are "claims made policies," you have to keep your coverage in force in order to report a claim. The policies have no mechanisms or wording to suspend or put coverage on hold.

The insurance company's contract is their "duty to defend" you and pay for associated damages in the event you are served with a lawsuit, and as long as you have it, they still must respond. Moreover, cancelling the claims made policy triggers the "extended reporting" provision, or "tail."

The bottom line is that cancelling your policy, especially with the intent that you can start it back up again, is much costlier than riding it out for a month or two. You would have to notify all your health care providers and your medical director that your policy is canceled and they have no way to report a subsequent claim.

Q: What about worker's compensation (WC) insurance?

A: To file a WC claim relative to COVID-19, the employee would need to demonstrate that the illness arose both out of and during their employment. For layoffs and payroll relief, check with your state agency for programs pertaining to COVID-19.

Q: Can I get medical professional liability insurance for my virtual practice? Telehealth? Telemedicine? If so, what are my liabilities?

A: Telemedicine will be expanding during the COVID-19 crisis. Most patients now would consider seeing a provider virtually. We can assist you in obtaining coverage for liabilities associated with telemedicine— schedule a free consultation with our experienced agents today.

There are many options for telemedicine web platforms, and many more coming online. Making a decision can be difficult, given that you may need this right away. WMPG recommends TeleMD Solutions, a source for a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform.

Your professional liability extends to your virtual practice. With existing policies, the medical professional liability insurance companies are taking each one on a case-by-case basis. Approval conditions include:

  • A HIPAA-compliant telemedicine web platform;
  • Adherence to the American Medical Association's (AMA) telemedicine policy guidelines; and
  • Applicable state licensing requirements.

Q: My current policy does not cover telemedicine. Can I specifically apply for separate telemedicine coverage?

A: Yes, you can apply for standalone telemedicine coverage. Get a free telemedicine insurance quote or schedule a consult with our agents today.

Q: Will my premium financing company extend payments or waive any late fees for my payments?

A: This is possible. Many premium financing companies are focusing on extending the premium finance payment terms and affording providers some time by offering flexibility on payment terms, or even eliminating late payment fees or penalties.

The Wellness Medical Protection Group originated in 2001 as an independent insurance agency. It continues to devote itself to support and protect providers and businesses that seek out alternative, cutting-edge practices that make them so unique. It is licensed to serve you in more than 35 states and specialize in anti-aging, aesthetics, alternative, compound and complementary medicine. Request a free consultation today.

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